How Cruel is My Make-up Bag?

Make-up is fun – I have never been a beauty addict, but through the world of beauty channels on YouTube I have learned quite a lot about it. My own make-up bag however (technically more a box than a bag) is tiny and only contains stuff I use daily. While some people keep literal chest [...]

Summer Favourites

How has the first half of the year passed already? I feel like I blinked and seven months just flew by! Anyway, here are some of the things I enjoyed a lot during the past two months. Lemons on holiday At the end of June, I went on holiday! And even though I had to [...]

Baby, it’s cold outside

Die dunkle Jahreszeit wendet sich langsam dem Ende zu und die Tage werden endlich wieder länger. Bis der Frühling aber so ganz einzieht, kann noch ein bisschen dauern. Und während draußen noch der eisige Wind weht, genehmige ich mir ein herrlich heißes, abendliches Bad zum Entspannen – inmitten dem Duft von wunderbaren Rosenblättern. While the [...]